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The company is engaged in professional cleaning and regeneration of particulate filters DPF / FAP / SCR / CAT Cleaning of diesel particulate filters for buses, cars and trucks. We recover the former properties of the diesel particulate filter.

Our hot-water high-pressure devices use the force of turbulent water flow hydrodynamics and the force of the compressed air pulse from the compressor. The movement of the fluid (working fluid) is forced by external pressure, which must overcome the flow resistance in the filter channels. With turbulent (turbulent) flow, the liquid streams mix to form vortices that easily penetrate and remove solid particles in the microporous partitions of the filter channels.

During cleaning, the flow geometry of the DPF provides resistance while creating a high velocity flow and high shear stress which is the main mechanism for removing compressed deposits in the filter channels. In addition, the flow resistance is caused by the appropriate viscosity of the cleaning agent, which causes a phenomenon similar to friction to occur during the movement of liquid particles. The method allows for a very thorough removal of all types of solid particles (soot, ash, oils) from both the filter's inlet and outlet channels.

The design and implementation of the website was carried out in accordance with the client's requirements. The client wanted the pages to have a nice, transparent and attractive design.

Graphics layout, colors had to be properly matched  to the offer automotive industry its functionality and the specificity of the services offered.

In addition, the corporate site had have functional navigation and an intuitive menu. 

Additionally, the frontend and administration panel of the website had to have an intuitive interface. The website had to be efficient and fast, it had to guarantee accessibility and adaptation to the possibilities and limitations of mobile devices.

The website was also to meet data security standards, in line with the GDPR policy

Special features: 

The animated advertising slider informs about the details of the services offered.

Elements that increase website marketing i Intuitive operation and navigation on the website through carefully designed menu. Menu the pages are divided into sections: FAQ Offer Information Contact. The individual offers were divided into appropriate categories according to the company's offer. The Free Quote button with a request for a free quote takes visitors to an extensive contact form. Section Contact - contains additional information and contact details with the seller. additionally contact with the seller, made possible by links to social media.

An extensive search engine for the services offered. It improves the search for the offer we are interested in.

In the design phase of the Parties DPF-SYSTEM is simple and intuitive user-friendly Wordpress content management system. The client wanted easy administration and updating of the content and graphics on the website. 

What distinguishes the website is an interesting design Intuitive operation. The administrative site is extremely easy to use. Thanks to this, efficient system management affects the speed and efficiency of updating the content and graphics on the website.

The website has a modular structure. Each project is tailored to the needs and requirements of the client. Thanks to this, it is possible to expand it with new functionalities. Responsive website is fully adapted to various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets. Efficient and fast thanks to optimized graphics, website template and CSS. The website is adapted to integration with other IT systems and tools supporting contact and sales.

Website optimized for SEO Thanks to special plugins, better positioning of the website has been improved. The website is equipped with additional functionalities that improve the positioning of the company website.

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