Website of the Elixe Fashion Boutique online store

Elixe Fashion is an online boutique that prides itself on high-quality clothes and other fashionable accessories. 

Elixe Fashion offers fashionable clothes, accessories and accessories made of the highest quality materials. The clothes are both comfortable and fashionable. The accessories on this page are solid and aesthetic

Elixe Fashion mainly sells by mail and online. 

It enjoys the trust of customers from Europe: Poland, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Estonia and many others.

The offered products are imported from Italy, France and from Polish producers who always care about the quality of the product. As in any business, they hope for further development and increase in sales and popularity, while ensuring the best quality of the offered products.

Multilingual online store with women's fashion, dresses, clothes and fashion accessories.

In the case of online stores, it is necessary to install the modules required for conducting online sales. - plugins supporting various payment methods, plugins corresponding to the order fulfillment, etc.

The requirements were adopted in the design phase of the website

simple and fast purchasing process that increases sales,

intuitive operation of both the frontend and the administration panel,

adjusting the store and its functionality to the specificity of the products offered,

system and data security, full compliance with the GDPR / GDRP,

high availability and adaptation to the possibilities and limitations of mobile devices,

The graphic design of the store has been adapted to the fashion industry and products sold. 

Special property:

Extensive communication facilitating contact with the seller, links to social media. Built-in search engine for offered products. Additional elements that increase the marketing of the site i multi-lingual store support. Intuitive operation and navigation on the website through carefully designed menu

Store page  Elixe Fashion is powered by Wordpress. The client wanted easy administration and content updating and adding new products. 

The structure and menu of the website presents easy navigation.

Animated advertising banner informing about new products and promotional offers in the store.

The individual product divisions were divided into appropriate categories according to the company's offer. 

Extended Contact section - contains additional information and contact details with the seller. 

The store's offer is available in many languages: in Polish, English, German and Russian. 

Newsletter for buyers

Blog about designing clothes and news from the world of fashion

What distinguishes the store is  

Intuitive operation. The administration panel is extremely easy to use. Efficient system management affects the speed and efficiency of the tasks performed.

Modular structure. Each project is tailored to the needs and requirements of the client. The modular structure also allows for the expansion with new functionalities - on a specific order.

Security. System users are granted special rights to manage the store. In addition, the system has been equipped with monitoring of introduced changes, the ability to accept the edited content of the website and much more.

Flexibility. The store is fully scalable, adapted to the needs of online sellers of thousands of products.

Performance. Regular optimization and testing of the system makes it great for up to a million views a day.

Integrations. The platform is adapted to integration with other IT systems and sales support tools.

Better positioning of the store. is equipped with many functionalities that improve the positioning of the online store website.

Responsiveness. The platform supports the creation of responsive stores, which means that they adapt more easily to mobile devices.

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